Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mom Guilt at Christmas

The other day my middle child asked me if I took a nap the whole time she was at school.  I laughed at the thought.  
My days are full of housework and meal planning. Playing with my 2 year old is done 1-2 minutes at a time and then back to the tasks at hand. 
There are always more cookies to make, presents to buy, and Christmas cards to address. Tonight it's the cub scouts who need cookies.  

I love this time of year and I wish it didn't go by so quickly, but it's a really busy time of year as well. The calendar is full of parties and celebrations. 

This week I've been declining invitations and it makes me feel guilty.  I should be everywhere, supporting and fellowshipping.  But I'm afraid I can't keep up.  My body is tired and nearly 9 months pregnant now.  

I was happy to find this article on Mom Guilt: 

And this one was good too

I think I'll start today to put aside the feelings of guilt and overwhelm.  I can do what I can and I can choose to say no the other things.  All that really matters is that my family feels the spirit of Christ this season.  I hope we all can feel Him near and remember his humble birth.

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