Thursday, October 30, 2014

Choose Love

Often people say the wrong things.
As we are expecting our 5th girl with only one boy I've heard some pretty thoughtless comments.

The commenters have said a variety of things from: 
"I feel so sorry for you." 
"Tell your husband to relax."  

I've heard things from older people and from children, from neighbors and complete strangers. Usually I can feel their intent. Often they think that I may have not wanted this pregnancy, which couldn't be further from the truth. Sometimes they are just trying to make me laugh. My response is always the same. With kindness, I let them know how happy we are to welcome this little girl into our family. I hope they feel my sincere excitement for this new life. I hope they choose to cherish life a little more too.

Often I say the wrong things.
I can't count the nights I've laid in bed and thought, "Did I really say that?" Tears fall down my face as I realize that my words may have caused someone pain. I get so much satisfaction from making people laugh but it's not uncommon for my words to have the opposite effect.

I know I regret the thoughtless things I say. And so I choose to believe that others regret the hurtful things they say to me. We can choose to love those we are speaking with. Even when their words are cold, thoughtless or unkind. We can choose to see ourselves as them. We seek forgiveness, love and patience, so do they. When we choose love our hearts are light yet full.  When we choose to hold a grudge we feel heavy yet empty.
If you come across someone who is unkind today, give them the benefit of a doubt. Let them know you hold no ill feelings. Choose love.
If someone's hurtful words are still ringing in your ears. Be understanding. Choose love.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What's the deal with Family Home Evening (FHE) boards?

Why is it that every Mormon home you walk into has a Family Home Evening board? What is FHE and why do LDS families take it so seriously? The truth is that any of your Mormon friends would be happy to answer those questions. But since you are here I'll tell you how our family does it.

Last night ended as all of our Monday nights do, with Family Home Evening. My two year-old loves the singing. Everyone loves the treats. But it's the lessons and the simple act of setting aside time to be together that bless our family the most. We need this time to teach the children. Let's face it, the world they are living in is complex, they need guidance and our undivided time. Our family is strengthened through FHE.

The board simply keeps track of the jobs we rotate through. There are plenty of ways to rotate the assignments, if everyone in your family enjoys leading a part of the evening.

The church has a great site HERE to explain further the hows and whys of FHE.

Our family has added this "awesome attitude award" to our board just for fun. It is my duty to award the child by clipping it onto his/her photo. Notice who holds the award this week! Hopefully, the kids will step it up a bit so I can stop patting myself on the back.

Here are some great sites that have FHE lesson plans:

I would love to add to this list. If you have a FHE site you love or you run please email the link at

Monday, October 27, 2014


I usually don't need my shoes for school drop off.  I wait in the car drop off line, pull up to the back doors and then 3 kids jump out of my van with backpacks and milk mustaches. So today I grabbed the first shoes I saw... my church heals from yesterday. They didn't really match my pajamas but that didn't matter. I wouldn't be using them anyway.

Turns out I did need my shoes today, only 2 kids jumped out of the van and the 3rd started to cry.
After comforting her we pulled into the front parking lot and I clip-clopped all the way down the school halls to my first grader's class. I stood at the classroom door and explained to her teacher (while in my pajamas) that my daughter was a little nervous for the new math activity.
I'm not sure what her teacher thought of my appearance. But I can guess what my daughter felt because of my actions. I'm sure that my daughter felt safe and loved as I walked her to class.
She needed the extra patience and concern. She needed the 5 extra minutes with mom.

With my head held high I walked her to class. But now I am anxious for her return home. I hope she had a great day. I hope my shy little ladybug will sit by me and tell me all about her school day.