Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Giveaway That Could Potentially Change Your Life

A Giveaway From the Power of Moms!
I've been a mother for 12 years and I've almost always felt like I was barely hanging on. I'd forget appointments, rush to throw something together for dinner, and then spend hours on housework wondering the whole time if I was ever going to get the hang of this job as a homemaker.

Eventually, I learned to keep a paper planner (the digital ones just didn't work for me). My paper planner helped me remember appointments and PLAN for the week ahead. This made such a difference in my productivity but also helped me to feel prepared and to avoid the worry that I've forgotten something.

About a year after using and loving my paper planner I came across an advertisement for 
I immediately found help and hope for so many areas of my life that seemed to be difficult to control. I read a few blog posts and listened to almost all of their podcasts. I was finding the content of the website to be relatable to my experiences as a mom, wife and homemaker. I found that I could trust the advice and ideas that were offered on the site. The whole site is rich in free content that pulls at your heart, opens your mind and inspires your daily life.

In time I found a product they offered that I knew I had to try out. After weeks of learning and doing this program I can honestly say that it has changed the way I do things dramatically! I love it so much I want to share it with you!!

In a nutshell, this program helps you organize your calendar, papers, projects, goals and all the difficult to manage aspects of daily life. It offers concrete steps to help you clear your mind of the tasks of life so that you can focus.
The first thing I did after reading my first assignment was to clean out my emails. It sounds stressful, but really was so easy and more rewarding than I would have guessed.  It feels great to keep up on emails now and after months of using the program I have not slipped back into letting my emails stack up as they had before.

There is so much more to the program that I could go on and on.  There are videos, charts, and assignments that move you forward. You have to try it out! And now for the giveaway!

Power of Moms has offered to give one of my readers the MIND ORGANIZATION FOR MOMS eCourse for free (a $120 value!). To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment on this blog post telling us which part of your life you are most looking forward to getting organized. 

Are you hoping to win? For a second chance to win share this blog post on social media and link to where you shared it in a second comment. I will need to confirm each "share" before adding your second entry.

**Entries by comment on this post will be allowed until midnight 12/15/2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Good Day

It's a good day for some Etsy work. I love working in my dining room because I get the best lighting here it's bright and cheerful.

The last few weeks I've been working on an exciting new program, which I'll share more details about soon. It's from the power of mom's website. It's been life-changing to say the least. As I sat down to lunch today with a friend I told her over and over again her that she needs to check out the power of mom's website. I think everyone should check it out. There are so many good ideas how to get organized, how to work toward your goals and how to find joy in life. Working on this new program has kept me busy. I've also had visitors and there just hasn't been time for art. But today slowed down just enough. 
Ah, life is great. I've got a headache, I am seriously sleep deprived, and a certain two-year-old is very stinky diaper right now.  But life really is good because I'm working toward something I'm excited about.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Planners and Yoga Mats

repost from TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2014

Today while in child's-pose and while my nose was smashed into the foul-smelling-gym-borrowed yoga mat, the yoga instructor told us all to "let go off our to-do lists, and focus on our purpose in coming to the gym"

Little did she know that letting go of my to-do list is really bad advice for me! I don't even know where I keep my to-do list.

At my house kids are serving their own ice cream.
Kids are knocking over vases.
And when I try to take notes on my phone at church I end up taking a picture of my legs. Ugh.

I needed a to-do list more than I needed yoga. After the gym I drove all of us to the store to buy me a planner... And we looked at the yoga mats too. Would you believe I even smelled one?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's not uncommon for me to wake up in a slight panic thinking of all the things that I need to get done and need to remember for the day ahead of me.

I would guess that most parents feel this way from time to time.  Perhaps we have a child to pick up from music lessons, a bill to call about and sort out, a closet to clean out, 4 loads of laundry to put away and a dinner to make and deliver to a sick family member.

I found a great website, Power of Moms, that helps with this unnecessary panic.  There is a way to organize and prioritize the many tasks in our lives.

The first thing I did on their site was to sign up for the free clutter buster kit! Find it here.

There are many other resources on the site too.  I have recently subscribed to their podcasts and really enjoyed episode #104! Check it out! Let me know what you think in the comments, or email me.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Out of the Fog

It seems after each new baby I experience a couple of months of fogginess. I'm sleep deprived and barely making it through to the end of the day.

But I feel myself slowly coming out of the fog and enjoying my work more and more.
My baby is 2 months old now! I really need to record her birth story. It was my first completely natural childbirth. (Next time I'll take the epidural, thank you very much).

My husband and I are busy talking about summer plans, home renovation plans, and work plans in between diaper changes and sippy cup refills. 

Life is good. Life is tiring, painful and frustrating, but still really really good.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Baby Registry Gifts from Target and Babies R Us

What a fun morning!  Last night I registered for Target's Baby Registry and for Babies R Us' Baby Registry.  This morning I went into the stores to pick up my free gift for registering.  These gifts, sometimes called swag bags, are different every year.  I thought I would show you what mine contained so you could decide if it was worth your time to register as well.

We will start with Babies R Us:  I was expecting to see more coupons but surprisingly they only had one ($1.50 off babyganics).  The $20 Shutterfly card was a nice treat, but it cannot be combined with any other discounts so I will still have to pay shipping on what ever I buy. The babyganics sample is 2 oz of lotion. I've never used it before but it's a cute bottle.
 I think the best part was the Papmers bag.  It came with one diaper and a pack of 6 wipes.  The bag it's self is a cute and quality fabric and has a little carrying strap.  Here is a close up.

Today, Target's swag bag was much more exciting!

The reusable bag everything came in has a velcro flap.  I've heard another person say that she plans to keep that in the car with back up diapers and wipes. The MAM binkie/pacifier has a cute, gender neutral bunny on it. Here is a close up of the Latch bottle:

There was a good amount of coupons, a tiny sample of Mustela, a small Aquaphor sample, 2 breastmilk storage bags and 2 disposable nursing pads from Lansinoh.  And as a side note, the Lansinoh nursing pads are a must for the first month or two of nursing. They work better than others because they don't leak and they don't stick to your skin. This makes a huge difference for me.  Inside is a coupon for $2 off 2 Lansinoh products.

And lastly, there was a Pampers bag in the Target gift just like the one in the Babies R Us gift.

Overall, it was well worth my few minutes online last night and a drive over this morning.  I imagine that sometimes the contents are different from store to store.  I would be curious to hear what your bags contain! Leave a comment below.