Monday, October 27, 2014


I usually don't need my shoes for school drop off.  I wait in the car drop off line, pull up to the back doors and then 3 kids jump out of my van with backpacks and milk mustaches. So today I grabbed the first shoes I saw... my church heals from yesterday. They didn't really match my pajamas but that didn't matter. I wouldn't be using them anyway.

Turns out I did need my shoes today, only 2 kids jumped out of the van and the 3rd started to cry.
After comforting her we pulled into the front parking lot and I clip-clopped all the way down the school halls to my first grader's class. I stood at the classroom door and explained to her teacher (while in my pajamas) that my daughter was a little nervous for the new math activity.
I'm not sure what her teacher thought of my appearance. But I can guess what my daughter felt because of my actions. I'm sure that my daughter felt safe and loved as I walked her to class.
She needed the extra patience and concern. She needed the 5 extra minutes with mom.

With my head held high I walked her to class. But now I am anxious for her return home. I hope she had a great day. I hope my shy little ladybug will sit by me and tell me all about her school day.

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